A Review of New Features and Updates

You may have noticed a number of changes at Cloud Next over the last few months.  These have been the culmination of a large investment of  time and money in our hosting platform and infrastructure.  We thought we’d give you a round up of the the latest news and new/updated features that we have implemented!

Migrations to New Platform

99% of our hosted domains are now on our new Stack hosting platform.  This new platform was developed to provide greater stability and performance and to allow the introduction of new features for all of our customers.  We’ll cover some of these below!

HTTP/2 Enabled

If you saw our last blog article we’ve deployed HTTP/2 support to all load balancers, so if you’re using an SSL Certificate on our new platfrom you’re already taking advantage of the new protocol.

Under HTTP/1.1 most browsers won’t open more than six connections to your website, which can soon become a bottleneck. HTTP/2 enables full request and response multiplexing, allowing a single connection to deliver multiple requests and responses in parallel.  This means faster websites!  Read that article in full here.

Free Wildcard SSL Certificates

All hosted domains (using our name servers) can benefit from a free wildcard SSL certificate.  This means that your site will be served securely and your visitors will see a padlock symbol for your site.  Recent changes by Google also mean you will see more positive indexing when using an SSL.

Don’t worry if you don’t use our name servers, we can provide an SSL certificate for your site for the low price of £24.99 and can be ordered using the Order SSL Certificates tool in your Account Control Panel.

Cloudflare Integration

All customers can now choose to integrate their hosting with Cloudflare for all hosted domains.  This is entirely automated (we take care of the hard work!) and is an additional benefit as all hosting can take advantage of the Cloudflare global CDN.

WordPress Platform

We have now launched our WordPress platform.  All new and existing customers can choose to allocate new hosting to this platform when transferring a WordPress site or setting up a new one using our one click install.  Our WordPress platform has been optimised exclusively for the security and performance of WordPress sites!

If you have an exiting hosted domain with Cloud Next, you can use the new Platform Transfer tool in your Account Control Panel to move hosted domains between our platforms (Linux, Windows and WordPress) to the one that benefits you the most or contact our support team and they will get this done for you.

Malware Scanning

Customers can now run automated malware scans for all hosted domains.  This means you can check the health of your site and take any recommend steps accordingly to resolve any issues.

Transfer Centre

The new Transfer Centre is now live in your Account Control Panel.  Use the Website Transfer tool to automatically transfer your website and mailboxes to Cloud Next and the Domain Transfer tool to transfer your domains to us.

The features and changes above are just a “small” (!) selection of what we have been working on.  We are continuing to develop the platform and our systems to continually improve and provide leading edge hosting solutions to our customers!

The Latest News feed in your Account Control Panel is continually updated with updates to our platform including server software and one click install updates.

If you have any questions/feedback/requests then please get in contact with our support team from your Account Control Panel.

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