Were You Born to be a Blogger?

Do you think you should start a blog? Bloggers are not manufactured; they are born writers ready to share something personal with the world. Whether they have a love for fashion, sports or just want to share regular life, bloggers have a message.

You may have aced the writing portion of the SATs and have a desire to work from home, but that’s not enough to conclude that you’re made to be a blogger. However, when you look at the following five signs that you were born to be a blogger, you may realize starting a blog is your real calling.

You’re School Essay Writing took very little time and You still got High Grades
One of the major sings you’re meant to be a writer comes from understanding it was a strength in high school and college. Even if you weren’t a master of grammar, if you could write quickly and still get As and Bs, you’re probably meant to be a writer. This doesn’t guarantee your writing should be in the form of a blog, but it’s a good sign that you’re meant to be a blogger.

Bloggers have to be able to write on topic and fast, especially if they blog about current events. If you wait too long, the event has past and its old news. Even when you’re creating evergreen content, you need to be able to take your thoughts and turn them into content rather quickly. Some of the best bloggers can write thousands of words a day and their fingers fly on the keyboard.

While typing fast can be learned, a natural instinct for taking your thoughts and forming them into words is more of an instinct. If writing was a strength in school, you’ll likely be very good at writing for your own blog. The best part, your essays in school probably got filed away, while your blog posts will live for a very long time.

You’re a Creative Person

Bloggers are almost always creative people. Even if they blog about something rather boring, they know how to make it shine for their audience. If you’ve been a creative person building with LEGOs always enjoying hands-on projects and working with creative minds, blogging may be for you.

This is a major sign you can start and succeed with a blogger. Creative types stuck in the corporate world usually have their ideas ignored, stolen or used for profit they don’t get much of a part in. When you take it to your blog, you have the opportunity to own all of your ideas.

You’ve Always Wanted to Work from Home

Some of us bloggers were born with a want and need to run a business because we want to be free. Then, when the internet came about many of us wanted to figure out how to work from home for even more freedom. If you’ve always wanted to work from home, blogging may be your answer.

Freedom is one of the things many bloggers enjoy, even if they could make more money working behind a desk at a corporation. The freedom to commute from the bedroom to a home office and work on your own schedule, even if it changes daily, can be quite alluring. If this sounds good to you, then you might be born to be a blogger.

You’re Rather Tech Savvy

You don’t have to understand coding and know exactly how to design the perfect website to be a blogger. However, tech savvy people that know how to write make some of the best bloggers. When you choose a platform, such as WordPress or Joomla for your blog, it’s best to know that platform inside and out.

Of course, those not so tech savvy can still be bloggers, but they may need to add a few skills to their resume. Bloggers are often at least mildly tech savvy and at the very least, they know how to find answers when they need them.

Research Excites You

If you enjoy learning about new things, you may be born to be a blogger. Even if you don’t start your own blog, ghostwriting for other blogs can be very fascinating if you love to learn about new subjects through research.

Since every blog post you write will probably require research, unless you’re simply writing about your own experiences, you will be learning all the time. As a blogger, you might find that you have more knowledge about the strangest things than anybody else in the room. This comes from researching a number of different topics for your blog and learning along the way.

There are several other signs that you might be perfect for blogging. However, if you were born to be a blogger, writing probably comes rather natural to you, along with creating. Those thinking about starting a blog should look into the signs above and see if they fit with what’s expected of bloggers on a day-to-day basis.

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